Most Famous Blackjack Gamblers

Among the great and outstanding blackjack players, these people take the first places in the best blackjack players' ratings. They are known all over the world and their images seem to be bright and glamorous. The life aim and essence of these people was risk and testing their fortune. Did they manage to do this? You may judge yourself, after reading our article.

Blackjack Professional Gamblers

  • MIT Blackjack Team. There is no doubt, you've heard about this group, if you know at least something about the blackjack game. The members of the club used the blackjack counting strategy described in the Thorp's book "Beat the Dealer". MIT blackjack team met secretly in their underground club and practiced their mastery and later they used their playing technology on practice. The group was divided into 2 parts: the Amphibians (the house was brought down by them) and the Reptiles (they busted Las Vegas). During the first time the member number was about 25 players and soon it increased. Their main techniques were:
  • ard counting
  • Card steering
  • Shuffle tracking.
  • The MIT team won a lot of money and even established their Blackjack Institute.
  • The MIT professor Edward Thorp is the pioneer of card counting in blackjack. In his book "Beat the Dealer" he describes and proves the effectiveness of Ten Count System. He personally tested his system on practice in casinos. His theory was based on the mathematical calculations. Nowadays Dr. Thorp is the owner of a very successful company Edward O. Thorp and Associates.
  • Arnold Snyder is considered to be the most influential and insightful blackjack gambler. He is the world famous author, blackjack tournaments player and expert. Among his famous books are: "Big Book of Blackjack", "The Blackjack Formula" and "Blackbelt in Blackjack". He was one of the first blackjack players, invited to the Hall of Fame.
  • Ken Uston is the most known winning team play card counter. He won millions of dollars in world casinos ad wrote a series of popular casino books, among which there are: "The Big Player", "Million Dollar Blackjack", "One Third of a Shoe". He is considered to be a mathematical genius and is also the author of 10 online guidebooks and 4 video strategy books in game form.
  • Stanford Wong. He is a famous gambling author and outstanding professional player. He developed his own blackjack analyzer software, which was the first on the marker. His most famous book is "Professional Blackjack". The term "wonging" (watching the game, without placing any bets) appeared in his honor.