Betting Systems

The book "No Need to Count" aims to give a very intelligent approach towards blackjack and its betting systems. The book does not give any misleading apprehensions regarding the outcomes of blackjack. In fact, in some instances the author has sought a rather pessimistic approach, stating that these games aren't ideal for making huge sums of money.

The author has stated some non-counting blackjack strategies in his book, which have been claimed to have been proved with the help of a computer.

Dubey (the author of the book) has strived to make a radical shift from the traditional tactics used in blackjack as well as the "progression systems".

Although, the computer methods used by Dubey were right, it has very thin chances of letting the player win a lot of money and is mainly based on situational factors.

3 important facts about blackjack strategies

  1. Losing a hand increases chances that the player will win the following one.
  2. Winning a particular hand increases the player's chances of losing the following one.
  3. When a player pushes the dealer's hand, the player is more likely to lose the next hand as well.


  1. A Player's expectations rise when they split a pair of non-ace.
  2. A Players expectations falls when an ace is split.
  3. Expectation increases after hard double-down.
  4. When the player as well as a dealer has more than four cards then the expectations of the player automatically increases.
  5. After a blackjack, player's expectations fall.

The aforementioned facts are justifiable and can be tested with the help of a computer simulation.