Recommended Blackjack Books to Read

Blackjack is the most popular casino card game in the world. You may find the information about its main rules, odds, tips, strategies, blackjack rule variations, card counting systems almost on all casino gambling sites. But to get the more detailed information and to broaden your knowledge, we advise you to read the books concerning blackjack and its winning and card counting techniques. There is the list of most popular and readable blackjack books:

  1. Henry Tamburin "Blackjack: Take the Money and Run". The game is appropriate for players, who want to learn blackjack playing techniques and to find out how to win. The 3 levels of game strategy is described and analyzed in the book: for the beginners, intermediate and advanced gamblers.
  2. Stanford Wong "Basic Blackjack". The comprehensive book on blackjack basic strategy, offering a set of recommendations how to play in all variations of the rules.
  3. Frank Scoblete "Best Blackjack". The perfect book for the newbies and experienced gamblers. The book is easy to read and understand.
  4. Eliot Jacobson "The Blackjack Zone". The complete blackjack description, beginning with rules and finishing with the card counting techniques.
  5. "Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution". The book is written specially for the card counters, who want to master the technique as quick, as it is possible. The easiest techniques of card counting are presented in the book.
  6. Don Schlesinger "Blackjack Attack". The mathematician point of view on the blackjack game and its card counting. It is recommended to experienced blackjack gamblers, as novices can find it too difficult.
  7. Walter Thomason "Twenty-First Century Blackjack". The book describes the betting system, which the card counting alternative and is easy to apply.
  8. Ken Uston "Million Dollar Blackjack". Popular blackjack book of the world famous blackjack player and moneymaker. It presents rather complicated card counting systems, but still understandable.
  9. Olaf Vancura, Ken Fuchs "Knock-Out Blackjack". The easiest and effective card counting methods are described in the book.
  10. Barry Meadow "Blackjack Autumn". The book is very interesting to read, as the author describes his trip to the Nevada casinos and small towns, and shares his experience.
  11. Arnold Snyder "Blackjack Wisdom". The book explains many different topics, not included to any of the blackjack books.