Gambling world has been witnessed to various changing trends. For example, mid 1990s witnessed the popularity of Texas Hold'em poker both amongst experienced and professionals.

Currently, the blackjack variations of "elimination tournaments" are very popular amongst all gamblers. To cater the needs of these people, online casinos have also strived to offer online versions of the elimination tournaments. Increasingly players are seeking strategies that will help them survive through this game.

The elimination tournaments have certain variations from the normal blackjack games; including the hands that players prefer to avoid; such as, 8, 16 or 25. We have discussed some useful strategies of the elimination tournament below.

Blackjack Tips to Follow

The first and the most important rule are to hit an 8 or perhaps less. This does not have any other exceptions. Application of this rule is fairly consistent, its alternate involves hitting a 17 or greater amount. These rules are absolutely essential in a game of online elimination tournament of blackjack and therefore you must know them by hard. Failure to do so may make you lose the game completely.

Another chance that you must look-out for is the stiff hands symbolized by a 12 or 16. These are comparatively weak as they increase your chance of winning and make you more likely to be busted in the game. However, on the bright side you also have the option of double-down, between intervals. The 9 and 11 is considered to be apt in doubling when time demands the player to do so. You should also take a common sense approach while splitting as well. It is advisable that you split an ace or 8s, rather than a 5 or 10.

For increasing your chance of winning try using the "cheat charts", they can assist you while making the strategies.