Exciting Playing Blackjack Game

One of the best things about the game is that you have the chance of increasing your bet from the time of receiving it. If you are confident about the positive outcome of the hand you can take full advantage of this offer in order to decrease the edge of the house.

Double Down

One of the single opportunities for you to increase you placed bet in the game of blackjack is called Doubling Down. Based on the name of the action, the action is an offer to those who are hoping of increasing their bet, hoping to win on the certain game. When you have seen your two cards, it's the only chance where you can make a decision, whether you want to double down or not.

Most gamblers use this option if their two first cards have total 10 or 11 points. Because they hope, that the next dealt card will be 10-valued and the total score will be 20 or 21 (10-point cards are the most frequently met in the deck). The player should inform the banker about his/her choice and place the second bet next to the initial one. Don't ever place it ON the initial bet, because you may be suspect in cheating.


One more option to increase the initial bet is Splitting. It the process of dividing two initial paired cards. After the splitting these cards are played as two separate hands. These hands are played in general turn one after the other. After the splitting, the player must put the wager identical to the initial. It is possible to split about 4 times (depends on the casino). Remember, that it is strongly recommended to split Aces and 8s always.


A side bet offered, when the dealer's face up card is an Ace, as there exists a great possibility, that the next card will be of 10-value and the croupier will get the blackjack hand. The player places half of the initial wager amount on the playing table.


One more offered option that means the player is not sure he/she can win with the possessed card combination and is ready to give up for the half of the initial wager. It is allowed if the banker has a 10-value card or an Ace.