Learn Card Counting Information and Systems

The card counting history started when the book "Beat the Dealer" by E. Thorp appeared. It was in 1962. The fact that the particular cards are favorable for the gamblers was proved mathematically with the help of computer technologies. Thorp proved and described his theory, that the player on the base of played cards from the deck can determine the cards, which left.

Blackjack Card Counting

To be a successful blackjack player, one should know the game main rules, strategy, odds and tips. But to be a successful card counter and have the advantage, comparing with the casino, one should find out main counting systems and play a long run games. The concept of the card counting is simple:

  • Cards with high value are convenient for the player
  • Low-valued cards are less positive for the gamblers.

If you can count cards it doesn't mean, you'll win all the time, but you winning chances will increase on about 4%, that equals about 44% winning hands during the long run.

The Legitimacy of Card Counting

Now, at last, you decided to learn card counting system and one question appeared: is it legal? The answer is: YES! Card counting isn't prohibited in any online or land based casinos. But the casino administration can kick the player out, as many casinos are in the private property and the rules establish their owners.

How Card Counting Works

  • To be the prosperous card counter, you should know the basic blackjack strategy properly. There is no necessity to learn it, it is important to memorize.
  • The gambler must learn the running count. The count is usually as simple, as adding and subtracting the 1. The count starts with 0. Card values:

    2s-6s - +1

    Face cards, 10s, Aces - -1

    7s, 8s, 9s - neutral cards.

  • Convert the running count into the true count.
  • Be ready to the different casino distractions. Don't pay much attention to the slot machines sounds, conversations of the drunken player at the neighboring table, and noisy waitress. But don't be too much concentrated on the game, as the dealer can notice it and suspect you in card counting. Try to keep up the conversation at the playing table.
  • Spread the bets. To win more money you should spread the wagers on positive count. The rule is simple: the wager spread must be large enough to win money, and low enough not to draw the attention.
  • One more important thing in card counting is the game selection (choose the game with convenient amount of card decks).
  • It is necessary to have quite large bankroll to play the long run blackjack game and practice your card counting techniques.