Tips and Tricks to Use Blackjack Rules and Cards Values to Your Advantage

Blackjack sounds interesting, but you are still not sure about all the details of the game. More specifically, you want to know more about blackjack rules and cards values. In that case, you’ve come to the right spot. Keep reading, and we will discover expert tips and tell you how to use cards to your advantage.

Blackjack Card Values – Basic Rules

When it comes to values, there are three things you should know:

  • Ace has two values – “1” or “11.” Players can use both options as they see fit during the round.
  • Face cards (J, Q, K) have a value of “10.”
  • All other (2 to 10) have their actual value.

That’s it! It is everything you should know about values in blackjack. Now, you are probably aware that you should aim to get as close to 21 without going over that number. That means the best combination you can get is an ace and a face card (or a 10).

Casino Blackjack Rules and Tips

At the beginning of the round, you will receive two cards from the dealer. Analyze them carefully and see what their total value is. Based on that number, you can ask for one extra card – say “Hit me” or press the “Hit” button if playing online. If you think it is the right choice, you can repeat the process and ask for additional cards. Alternatively, if and when you think you are good with what you have, choose the “Stand” option.

Those are two basic moves, but you also have some additional options:

  • Split – if you have a pair, you can choose to split them and form an extra hand. However, that means you should add the same wagering amount you placed before the round started. The added sum will be used for the second hand you formed. Think of the hands as completely independent one from the other as the dealer’s cards are compared separately.
  • Double down – if your card value is anywhere from 9 to 11, you can double down your bet by doubling the initial wagering sum. In that case, you will only receive one extra card, but you may earn a higher sum if everything goes well.
  • Insurance – a side bet that you can play if the dealer has an Ace as his face-up card. Basically, it is a protection wager to ensure that you break even in case the dealer has blackjack.

Welcome at the! This website is completely dedicated to the game of blackjack or as it also can be called 21. We provide you with information on how to play blackjack, game rules, tips and secrets, strategies (including popular card counting method), betting systems, list of the most useful guides on game and stories of the most successful blackjack players. Learn how to play casino blackjack in our site easily!

Are you interested in the game and don't know what to start with? We are ready to help you. The first thing each player should know, no matter which game he wants to play is game basics. They usually include game running at, some rules, which must be observed by players and dealer and rules on betting. Knowing this basic information you will be able to sometimes even win, especially when you play such games of chance like roulette. But blackjack differs from all the games and if you want to play it successfully you need to know a lot about the game. Basic information in 21 won’t help you to win as there are so many option in the game which require deep comprehending of wise usage, that only those who are ready to learn all the time can understand them and use their knowledge to play game beneficially!

You have an excellent possibility to learn our blackjack online rules guide, which comprises interesting facts about blackjack history, game's variations, favorable odds and useful tips. Moreover, you will find here explanations of all blackjack terms and general requirements on their usage. Just be attentive when learning all that! Do not forget to pay attention to the strategies, which are to be implanted during the game. Blackjack is game the result of which is based on your decisions and you have to know how to make it wisely!

Online blackjack

Nowadays there is no need for gamblers to visit land based casinos anymore - the only thing you have to do to play blackjack is to choose one of most popular and reliable online casinos, download the game on your computer and train you playing skills.

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