User agreement

Protecting your Identity

Since securing your privacy is one of the company's main concerns, we have outlined here some of the salient points you need to understand pertinent with the way we handle personal information gathered from our customers and visitors. Having these laid out here, gives you the freedom to choose should you provide your personal information to us or not.

Information we get

Most of the time the information we shall gather from our visitors here at our website include the following: name, email and postal address, phone numbers and other demographics like gender and age. Information pertinent with age is collected to ensure that all users of our website are legally eligible to use our gambling site.

How we use this information

The information you provide us when you make a purchase is only utilized to completely process your order. Never shall we divulge this information to any of our affiliates without your consent. However, there are some circumstances when it is needed to provide them your personal details to complete the transaction. In this case we shall make it a point to inform you regarding the matter.

If for instance you will provide us some relevant information of other individual, chances are we will only use it to ensure proper shipment of your order. This information will be treated with real strict confidentiality as part of out commitment of securing your privacy.

Since we are also committed to help in securing the safety of internet users, we will only provide some information we have collected only to help bring fraudulent individuals to the full forge of the law.

Having these stipulated clearly, you now have the assurance that your personal information shared to use will be treated with utmost confidentiality. It will never to be shared in any way online unless you provide us the consent of opt to prohibit us from doing so.

How we secure your information

To ensure that all the information you shared on our site and truly protected, we adhere to the standards of using relevant tools to safeguard all our data. We use some of the latest in modern technology for data security. This is to ensure avoiding unnecessary and access to any of the information we kept with utmost confidentiality.

Accessing and updating your information

You have all the freedom to access and update all the relevant information we have gathered from you. You should regularly update your account with us to protect your information from fraudulent individuals.