Free Blackjack

It has become relatively easier to enjoy a range of online games through the help of modern advanced software. Such blackjack games are free to use and can be easily browsed through the links placed on the site's right-hand side.

After clicking on the menu, wait until the games loads. If you are using 56K modem it will take maximum thirty seconds to load. For a better experience turn on the sound system, you can also adjust is later on simply by right-clicking. After the game is loaded you can also enjoy the game off-line.

To play the game you need to install Macromedia Shock wave Player. It is free software, which you can easily download and install.

Rules of the game

The free game that you will encounter is quite similar to the ones played in the other casinos. Beating the dealer is the main aim of the player, while avoiding being busted in the process. A player is "busted" once the cards of the player exceed 21, while the winner has closer to 21."21" refers to the total value you get after adding all the value of the cards together. "Jack, King and Queen" are the face cards and give the player ten points each.

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